repurposed materials

Planks of recycled wood

Enviromate: An online marketplace for used building materials

According to data gathered by the Green Building Council, construction, demolition and refurbishment accounts for around 120 million tonnes of waste in the UK each year. The value of that perfectly reusable material ending up in landfill – 13% of which is still new and... Read More →
Miniature sculptures inside toilet rolls

The extraordinary world of recycled cardboard art

With more of us shopping online, cardboard packaging is fast becoming one of the most ubiquitous materials we discard on a daily basis. Elevated from its humble status, this post explores how artists have been able to exploit its creative potential in unexpected ways, through the... Read More →
Radiator chair

10 of the wildest chair designs made from repurposed materials

When it comes to reusing unwanted materials in an innovative way, it seems the humble seat can be made from just about anything. Looking at the designs below, seating can also surprise and delight as a striking art piece. If you’re sitting comfortably, read on to see some... Read More →
Daniel Heath in his studio

INTERVIEW: Handprinted wallpaper and surface design by Daniel Heath

Daniel Heath is an award-winning independent wallpaper, textile and surface designer. After training in silk screen printing at the Royal College of Art, he set up his East London studio in 2007 to create bespoke hand printed wallpapers and hand crafted interior surfaces. Key to... Read More →
Grant Aston wood and ceramic contemporary sculpture

10 selected works of contemporary sculpture from Collect 2018

Collect is an annual international contemporary art fair held by the Crafts Council, now its 14th year. It brings together 40 galleries from around the world to London’s Saatchi Gallery. The display of beautiful objects was a feast for the eyes. Several works demonstrated... Read More →
Clock made from upcycled bicycle wheel

Art and design made from used bicycle parts

When used bicycle parts get a second life as something beautiful, the term ‘upcycling’ couldn’t be more apt. Although an advocate of all things eco, I am one of the few Londoners that doesn’t do cycling – in fact, you couldn’t pay me to get on a Boris Bike. But... Read More →
Pop up space made with crumpled tracing paper

5 pop-up spaces created from repurposed objects

Some of the most creative ideas for pop-up spaces, pavilions and temporary structures involve the repurposing and reappropiation of found objects and materials. Repurposing whatever you have to hand, perfectly sets the tone of spontaneity for a casual pop up bar or exhibition... Read More →
Tree of Glass by Lee Broom

5 of the best zero waste Christmas trees

I used to believe that Christmas just isn’t Christmas, without a real tree. There’s just too much nostalgia associated with that familiar pine scent. But our obsession with having a real tree, is costing us. In 2014, it was estimated that 160,000 tonnes of Christmas... Read More →
Chair cover made from shredded waste textile by Ragamuf

Could we make homeware from upcycled clothing?

The rate at which we produce and throw away clothes is leading to inconceivable amounts of textile waste. According to the 2017 report by Pulse of the Fashion Industry, only 20% of discarded clothing actually gets reused or recycled. The majority ends up in landfills or gets... Read More →
Lights made from repurposed crystal bowls

Lighting made from repurposed glass objects

Lighting in the 21st-century can be made from all kinds of repurposed ephemera – and not just glass mason jars. From spectacles to drinking vessels, these works by expert designers show how a resource we have in abundance – ordinary glass objects, can be transformed... Read More →
Repurposed yoghurt pots installation

Modern ceiling designs made from repurposed materials and objects

I’m sure once upon a time, the only thing that adorned a shop ceiling was CCTV and smoke alarms. But when it’s time to refurb a shop, bar, hotel or restaurant, it’s not just about changing up the walls and furniture; it seems many designers are utilisin... Read More →
Jo Gibbs at work in her studio

INTERVIEW: Artist Jo Gibbs transforms found objects with pattern

Born and raised in Battersea, Jo Gibbs is a London-based artist who started off her creative career in textiles. It all began with her first Saturday job at Tooting market. Jo worked on a fabric stall with a lady called Lybette who took her around all the wholesalers in Brick... Read More →
Renovate Innovate book by Antonia Edwards

Renovate Innovate: Reclaimed and Upcycled Homes book

New homes and interiors book There are many reasons to be joyful about finally entering March 2017. Snowdrops and daffodils are now gracing our London parks with their cheerful presence. Days are slowly but surely getting longer and we can finally come out of hibernation. On top... Read More →
Manoteca book cover

Manoteca book features fantastic furniture by Elisa Cavani

I first came across the work of Elisa Cavani, whilst doing research for my book Upcyclist. Hailing from Bologna, Italy, Elisa makes whimsical lighting, desks and furniture pieces made from found objects, all of which can only be described as the epitome of one-of-a-kindness. Now... Read More →
modern lakeside holiday cabin

Garage renovation turned beautiful cabin on Vashon Island

The creators behind this impressive garage renovation are Graypants, a design collective led by Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker, who work from their studios in Seattle and Amsterdam. Renovated in 2013, the award-winning holiday cabin was an architectural debut for Graypants, and... Read More →
White and gold porcelain Christmas jumper decorations best Etsy shops for Christmas

The best Etsy shops for Christmas decorations

There is something about ‘handmade’ that goes so well with Christmas. Perhaps it’s the thought of all those elves in Lapland busy making toys… how do they do it? Best of all, it offers the perfect excuse for anyone with a crafty inclination, to make... Read More →