12 beautiful wooden pendant lights for the modern interior

If there was ever a good time to acquire a new home accessory that will brighten the mood, it’s now. So let’s talk about lighting. On dark winter days, soothing lighting, a good book and a warm blanket will up the hygge factor (and make being forced to stay at home a lot more bearable). As previously discussed with Oliver Heath, furnishings made from natural materials are a key aspect of Biophilic Design and maintain our essential connection to nature. Here, I’ve picked out some captivating wooden pendant lights that will bring a new dimension to every room of the house.

Loer pendant

Loer pendant lamp by Tom Raffield

Manufacturer: Tom Raffield
Made from: Ash, oak or walnut (available in three sizes)
Eco credentials: Handmade in Cornwall, UK from FSC and PEFC wood, low energy steam bending technique, solar powered and renewable energy, carbon footprint offsetting, read more here
Available: Launching 2021

Loer wooden pendant light by Tom Raffield


Lola lampshade

Manufacturer: LZF
Made from: Wood veneer (three finishes available)
Eco credentials: Made from FSC wood
Price: From approx £1057 at DM Lights



Birch wood pendant light by Kovac

Manufacturer: Kovac Family
Made from: Birch (also available in Ash or Ebonized finish)
Eco credentials: Handmade in Sweden, FSC wood, ships flat
Price: from €259

Hanging pendant light made from fsc wood


Octo pendant light

Octo wood pendant light by Secto

Manufacturer: Secto Design
Made from: Birch (also available in walnut)
Eco credentials: Made in Finland, PEFC certified birch grown in Finland
Price: from £649
Available from: Nordic Nest*

Natural birch pendant lights by Secto



Tamasine Osher Cupola Poise lighting collection

Manufacturer: Tamasine Osher
Made from: Beech and brass
Eco credentials: Hand turned from naturally fallen spalted beech, foraged from wood and field. Spalting is the process by which certain fungi grow on dead or fallen trees. After colonising the wood it leaves a pattern. The process takes 2-3 years to reach the ideal stage to cut and season the timber. Small batch manufacturing.


The Pren lighting collection

Louise Tucker woven wood lights

Manufacturer: Louise Tucker
Made from: Maple wood veneer and plywood
Eco credentials: FSC certified wood, handmade in Wales, UK, made to order
Price: from £350

Pren woven wood lighting collection by Louise Tucker


Marbled CORK Pendant

Cork single bulb pendant lights by Nove

Manufacturer: Nove
Made from: Marbled cork and solid brass, available in a range of finishes
Eco credentials: Made using sustainable natural cork which is hand-harvested from self-regenerating Portuguese cork oak trees
Price: from £140


Lotus Bud Pendant

Lotus Bud Pendant by MacMaster Designs

Manufacturer: MacMaster Designs
Made from: Walnut or oak
Eco credentials: Handmade in Worcestershire, UK from certified FSC and PEFC wood, small batch design


Pod pendant light

Bud pendant light made from wood veneer by LZF

Manufacturer: LZF
Made from: Wood veneer (available in a range of colours)
Eco credentials: FSC certified wood
Price: £700 (approx)
Available from: DM Lights


Terho pendant

Wood pendant lighting over kitchen counters by Mater

Manufacturer: Mater
Made from: Linden wood and opal glass, also available in a black and smoked glass finish
Eco credentials: FSC certified European wood, glass mouth blown in Poland
Price: £266 – £532 (available in three sizes)

Black wood Terho hanging lights by Mater



Sphere IV oak wood pendant light by Tala

Manufacturer: Tala
Made from: Oak (also available in walnut – see first image, brass and graphite)
Eco credentials: FSC wood, reforestation program, energy efficient LEDs
Price: from £95
Also available from: Amara*


Beru rattan lampshades

Beru pendant lighting by Nkuku

Manufacturer: Nkuku*
Made from: Rattan
Eco credentials: Made from sustainably cultivated rattan,
Price: from £79.95


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Author: Antonia Edwards

Antonia is the founding editor of Upcyclist. Based in the UK, she is the author of two books: 'Upcyclist: Reclaimed and Remade Furniture, Lighting and Interiors' (Prestel 2015) and 'Renovate Innovate: Reclaimed and Upcycled Homes' (Prestel 2017).