Abandoned building jellyfish art installation in Liverpool

WALTER-HUGO-ZONIEL abandoned building art installation

This month, a new art installation was unveiled on a quiet street in Toxteth, Liverpool. A large fish tank full of serene jellyfish was installed behind the shutters of an abandoned building, emanating a beautiful blue glow by night. The work by Walter Hugo & Zoniel is called The Physical Impossibility of Inspiring the Imagination of Someone Living. The tank was also filmed and live-streamed into London art gallery Gazelli Art House

Jellyfish art installation in an abandoned buildingTalking to Sedition the artists say,

The piece is primarily about every individual’s ability to be inspired in any environment. Through this surrealism we immediately see our everyday environment in a very different manner and that in itself opens up a lot of questions; how and why we relate to it as we normally do, why this is surreal etc.

Beauty, nature and the human condition are all elements that lurk somewhere in our work and they are definitely present here. There are also lots of subtle elements to the work that people seem to implicitly pick up on too, which is great. The social interaction and sense of ownership of the artwork being in a public space raise the questions of how we relate to art in different environments and how comfortable we feel with it consequently.


Jellyfish in an abandoned building by artists Walter Hugo & Zoniel

Author: Antonia Edwards

Antonia is the founding editor of Upcyclist. Based in the UK, she is the author of two books: 'Upcyclist: Reclaimed and Remade Furniture, Lighting and Interiors' (Prestel 2015) and 'Renovate Innovate: Reclaimed and Upcycled Homes' (Prestel 2017).