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Mason jar of water and ice

10 plastic reducing essentials for zero waste living

The war on plastic may finally be gaining traction after the EU announced an official plastics strategy earlier this month. Their target is to make all plastics reusable or recyclable by 2030. Buying your food from bulk bins using your own containers is far from mainstream, but... Read More →
Serving tea and cake

20 eco friendly products for a beautiful green kitchen

It’s easy to regard the things that get used every day, as purely functional, practical and utilitarian. But first thing in the morning, we instinctively reach for our favourite mug, because there is something about its shape and texture that makes that ritual of tea... Read More →
Exterior of Silo Brighton

Silo Brighton: A zero waste restaurant with an eye for upcycling

If there’s anywhere that prompts you to contemplate exactly where your food is coming from, it’s Silo – an award-winning zero waste restaurant, bakery and coffee house in Brighton. Silo opened in 2014 and pioneered zero waste dining in the UK. Its unique... Read More →
Spring themed cake by Lily Vanilli

Easter decorating with food and flowers

If you’re hosting a festive party over the Easter weekend, you might be wondering how best to create a sense of occasion. A perpetual quandary for the conscious consumer is finding ways to get into the spirit of things, without purchasing single use items that will end up... Read More →
potted plants centrepiece for eco friendly wedding

Brilliant ideas for natural and eco-friendly wedding decorations

Depending on the scale and theme of your wedding, decorations are usually one of the biggest things to tick off the to do list. Pinterest gives us ample inspiration for the dreamiest of wedding settings – which usually means losing several hours of the day. With so much... Read More →
single leaf in a stem vase

An introduction to Minimalist living

You may have noticed that Minimalism, Minimalist living or Minimalist lifestyle are now frequently used phrases by the online community. For many, the term Minimalism conjures up images of sparse, clinical white living rooms containing nothing much at all. But this is a rebrand... Read More →
Gifts wrapped in magazine pages with twine and berries

Eco and alternative gift wrapping ideas

We hear a lot about the amount of waste that’s generated around Christmas, with one of the biggest problems being the vast amounts of wrapping paper that ends up straight in the trash. During the festive period, enough wrapping paper is thrown away to go around the equator... Read More →
Plastic toys wearing witches hats

Creative and plastic free Halloween party ideas for kids

If you’ve just arrived here out of nowhere, first of all – WELCOME! and second of all, I should mention that this post actually follows on from a previous one on ‘grown up’ Halloween party inspiration, and you can read that here. If you’re a little... Read More →
Woman wearing white fox mask made of feathers

Hauntingly crafty and elegant Halloween party ideas

The run up to the 31st October is that splendid time of year when our supermarket shelves suddenly fill up with a LOT of black and orange plastic. With Halloween paraphernalia, there is a multitude of choice – and it no longer stops at witches hats and freaky masks.... Read More →
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