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Natural branch hanging Christmas decoration

10 ways to create a winter centrepiece with natural branches

When it comes to Scandi design, natural branches and foliage are Christmas decor staples. To create a focal point, a few foraged branches and sprays of pine can be much simpler alternative to a Christmas tree, especially where space is limited. So, if you’re looking for... Read More →
Foliage tied to brass wreath

Eco chic and minimalist Christmas decor ideas

The conscious shopper will always ask… how much use and joy will I get out this item that I’m about to bring into my life? This time of year we see an abundance of homeware that can only be used at Christmas, everything from snowflake embellished tableware to Santa... Read More →
single leaf in a stem vase

An introduction to Minimalist living

You may have noticed that Minimalism, Minimalist living or Minimalist lifestyle are now frequently used phrases by the online community. For many, the term Minimalism conjures up images of sparse, clinical white living rooms containing nothing much at all. But this is a rebrand... Read More →