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Interview: Lessons in Biophilic Design from Oliver Heath

As we stay in our houses, to protect our health and that of others, the idea of home as our sanctuary is taking on a whole new meaning. With school, work and self-isolation all happening in one place – the need to create an overall sense of calm amongst the chaos is greater... Read More →

INTERVIEW: Inside the renovated mill and home of Elvis & Kresse

In 2005, Kresse Wesling and James Henrit launched Elvis & Kresse*. A certified B Corporation, their sustainable luxury line of bags and accessories is made from genuine de-commissioned British fire brigade hoses that would otherwise be destined for landfill. They have now... Read More →
Planks of recycled wood

Enviromate: An online marketplace for used building materials

According to data gathered by the Green Building Council, construction, demolition and refurbishment accounts for around 120 million tonnes of waste in the UK each year. The value of that perfectly reusable material ending up in landfill – 13% of which is still new and... Read More →
House plant in the bedroom

East London home decorated with greenery and vintage

Ignoring the cold spell currently hitting London, the budding crocuses are proof that we are indeed almost at the end of winter. The prospect of sunshine and green leaves on trees is never more welcome than on a chilly day in London. It’s perhaps the ideal time to share... Read More →

10 simple home decoration ideas that will tempt you to paint it black

Will you be facing your fear of the dark, this Halloween…? To some, the idea of painting a room black is somewhat horrifying, but if you use just about the right amount, it can take a room from drab to dynamic with little effort. And it goes a lot further than just... Read More →
LIving room painted dark teal

Autumn colour inspiration from 5 eco-friendly paint brands

With such an overwhelming amount of options available, choosing paint colours is enough to bring on a headache, even before you’ve been exposed to any paint fumes. Narrowing your choice down to more eco-friendly paint brands, could make life easier… Paints are known... Read More →
Stylish living room with neutral colour palette

Modern rustic interior decor at The Estate Trentham

If you’re fortunate enough to visit or reside in Melbourne, Australia, The Estate Trentham, should get straight on your radar. The three bedroom house, surrounded by gardens, is available to rent as an idyllic country retreat, just one hour from the coastal capital. The... Read More →
Renovate Innovate book by Antonia Edwards

Renovate Innovate: Reclaimed and Upcycled Homes book

New homes and interiors book There are many reasons to be joyful about finally entering March 2017. Snowdrops and daffodils are now gracing our London parks with their cheerful presence. Days are slowly but surely getting longer and we can finally come out of hibernation. On top... Read More →