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Vintage 1930s lime green chandelier

16 best vintage home decor shops on Etsy

Etsy is a goldmine of handmade art and craft from around the globe. Lesser known however are the abundance of Etsy shops selling beautifully curated vintage home decor and furniture for the modern interior. With so much second hand homeware available, sourcing the perfect antique... Read More →

10 simple home decoration ideas that will tempt you to paint it black

Will you be facing your fear of the dark, this Halloween…? To some, the idea of painting a room black is somewhat horrifying, but if you use just about the right amount, it can take a room from drab to dynamic with little effort. And it goes a lot further than just... Read More →
narrow corridor decorated with frames

Decorating ideas for narrow corridors and hallways

There is no shortage of decorating inspiration for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms. But what about those awkward in between spaces? Hallways can offer a whole host of quirks and obstacles – narrow corridors in particular often end up lacking in light,... Read More →