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Tara Button

INTERVIEW: Tara Button founder of Buy Me Once

Tara Button is an author, eco-campaigner and entrepreneur. In 2016, she founded Buy Me Once, a website selling high quality products that are built to stand the test of time and stay out of landfill. Buy Me Once aims to change our shopping habits for good by promoting brands who... Read More →
Recycled plastic dark grey kitchen cabinets by IKEA

10 IKEA homeware products made of recycled plastic

Any discussion around the eco-friendly values of IKEA is guaranteed to provoke hot debate. Even if they are able to make their manufacturing more sustainable, can they ever shake off the transient throwaway image we associate with their products? IKEA calls to mind, mass-produced... Read More →
Holding a grey ceramic planter and cactus

10 handmade ceramic plant pots available on Etsy

You can never have enough plants in the home, but what about the vessels you put them in? Hundreds of talented ceramicists are selling their beautiful handmade pieces on Etsy, all of which are one of a kind. A stylish way to present your succulents, air plants and cactai, add an... Read More →
Mason jar of water and ice

10 plastic reducing essentials for zero waste living

The war on plastic may finally be gaining traction after the EU announced an official plastics strategy earlier this month. Their target is to make all plastics reusable or recyclable by 2030. Buying your food from bulk bins using your own containers is far from mainstream, but... Read More →
Reclaimed wood table

9 eco friendly furniture brands in the UK and Europe

Definitions of ‘eco friendly’ can get confusing because it’s hard to quantify exactly much how one manufacturing process or material can be considered less harmful to the planet than another. Furthermore, when a company makes loose claims about being... Read More →
vintage rattan coffee table with plants

Bohemian interior design: 10 rattan pieces for your vintage shopping list

This is the first in a new series on vintage shopping, and this month I’m putting the spotlight on the renaissance of rattan. This seems to have come hand in hand with a revival of all things 1970s which, thanks to the likes of Gucci, has also hit the catwalk. Rattan also... Read More →
Cypisek lampshade made of paper pulp by Crea-re

12 stunning examples of eco chic lighting made from paper

Lighting is probably the most fun element of home design. Sure, you have to get through the tedious part of working out where all your electrics are going, but when it comes to choosing the fittings, that’s when you can begin to experiment and characterise your space. As... Read More →
Plastic toys wearing witches hats

Creative and plastic free Halloween party ideas for kids

If you’ve just arrived here out of nowhere, first of all – WELCOME! and second of all, I should mention that this post actually follows on from a previous one on ‘grown up’ Halloween party inspiration, and you can read that here. If you’re a little... Read More →