Czech Republic

Veronika Richterová fishes plastic bottle art

8 incredible examples of plastic bottle art and installation

The concept of plastic bottle art initially evoked flashbacks of Blue Peter’s Here’s one I made earlier. It’s hard to believe that something as ubiquitous as a used plastic bottle could ever be turned into a thing of beauty. There has been recent media attention... Read More →
Lights made from repurposed crystal bowls

Lighting made from repurposed glass objects

Lighting in the 21st-century can be made from all kinds of repurposed ephemera – and not just glass mason jars. From spectacles to drinking vessels, these works by expert designers show how a resource we have in abundance – ordinary glass objects, can be transformed... Read More →
Art made from upcycled PET bottles by Veronika Richterova

Upcycled plastic bottle creations by Veronika Richterová

Czech artist Veronika Richterová is an aficionado when it comes to the upcycled plastic bottle. Using heat and various methods of technological processing, she has created curious translucent ephemeral sculptures, lighting and installation from recycled plastic PET bottles. Her... Read More →

Interior of Sedlec Ossuary created from human bones

Now, don’t get me wrong – obviously I am not advocating we should all start upcycling human bones into chandeliers – that would be VERY bad taste. However, Halloween seems to have provided an excuse to share something a bit more macabre than usual… The... Read More →
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