Stamped silverware

Bored of baubles? Check out these delightful Christmas ornaments from Etsy seller HeavyMetalMilkman.  They’re made from hand stamped upcycled silverware.  Image via Etsy

Paper Trail

I accumulate stacks of magazines and am determined to utilize them for a creative project one day.  Graphic/fashion designer Lia Griffith from Papier Couture has … Read More ›

Cool Cats

How could I resist…?  Atomic Attic show us that even our pets can enjoy the benefits of upcycling.  Made from an Antique Blue Oshkosh Vintage … Read More ›

Animal Instinct

This is ‘Cheetah’ by Andrew Chase from Salt Lake City.  This beautiful, mechanised cheetah weighs about 23kg and is constructed out of electrical conduit, auto … Read More ›

Plastic Organic

Caroline Saul is a talented Brighton based designer-maker who works with recycled plastics, essentially making new materials from objects that would otherwise be thrown away. … Read More ›

Data Lamp

With technology moving at an unfathomable rate, many upcyclists are relishing the task of doing something clever with redundant media formats.  If the CD clock … Read More ›

Wooden Box

Saipua is a charming shop in Brooklyn that sells handmade soaps and flowers. Architect Jeremy Barbour of Tacklebox demonstrates a fantastic use of reclaimed barn … Read More ›