Pedro Barata’s upcycled shipping container periscope

Superiscopio by Pedro Barata

An architect with offices in Brazil and Portugal has created a 12m high periscope out of a shipping container. Superiscópio by Pedro Barata took just over a month to design and assemble and is described by the architect as the world’s largest periscope.

The device offers views across Lagoa Santa lagoon which is in the Brazilian region of Minas Gerais. Corrugated steel from the used shipping container was used for the periscope’s exterior. Mirrors combined with an MDF structure on the inside allow the viewer to see the view at ground level. Barata says:

“There’s always someone peeking through the vertical tunnel, trying to understand the ‘technology’ allowing them to do so. By connecting directly two different and faraway spaces, the Superiscope introduces people to architecture as hypertext.”

The Superiscope is on show until November, after which the architect hopes to transport it to a new location. (Via Dezeen)

View through the superiscopio

Superiscopio by Pedro Barata

Superiscopio upcycled shipping container by Pedro Barata

 Images via Pedro Barata

Author: Antonia Edwards

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