Bristol Upholstery Collective

  • Bristol Upholstery Collective Logo
  • Measuring at Bristol Upholstery Collective
  • Blue upholstered button back chair
  • Leigh-anne Treadwell at Bristol Upholstery Collective
  • Chair upholstered with floral print
  • chairs repurposed as planters
  • Reupholstered ornate chair
  • Colourful cushions
  • Shop window of Bristol Upholstery Collective
  • Midcentury chair upholstered in grey and yellow patterned fabric

Bristol Upholstery Collective is a new maker space made up of six residents, all of which share a passion for creative upholstery. Upholsterers are highly qualified and experienced, each with their own styles, interests and ideas. In addition to offering upholstering services and workshops, BUC’s reupholstered chairs are available for sale on their website. Supporters of New Materialism, they believe in consumers having meaningful relationships with their possessions. They promote investment into products that are high quality and handmade locally, making items that can be restored and maintained to last a life time.